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Onyx is an engineering company in areas of telecommunications, pollution control and medical lab equipment.

Onyx was originally founded in 1985 in Mexico City under the name of Comunicaciones Via Satelite de Mexico. Our company offered and delivered domestic and international satellite communications for video, voice and data services in C and Ku Bands.  Our company was probably one of the first companies offering international satellite links via a teleport in Houston. Our international satellite services were connected to Houston International Teleport in Houston and linked to the end user via microwave or fiber.

Through the years Onyx had evolved in different areas of telecommunications by designing, selling and implementing solutions such as telemetry, SCADA, remote control, industrial WiFi, Mobile data communications.

We had delivered several solutions for public safety, law enforcement, mining, transportation.

Since our initial years, Onyx had designed and manufactured very complex industrial emission gas scrubbers.

The picture to the right is one of our largest solutions we had delivered . The size of the whole gas scrubber is equivalent to a 5 story building.

In that, we included all type of sophisticated industrial equipment in the best interest of cleaning gas emissions.

Some of those components include industrial grade computers, PLCs, pH sensors, data adapters, telemetry radios, antennas, gas monitors, dust monitors, and many more that guaranties that our systems perform as offered, even to the most demanding plant manager.

Because that we also offer in distribution all components associated to our solutions.

Today, we are well recognized in the telecommunications and pollutions control markets. Today we offer and delivered turnkey solutions with wireless, networking, and pollution control all in packet.

In Onyx, we are very serious about engineering and success.




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